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South Australia DAMA Expansion: New Opportunities for Skilled Migrants

South Australia’s commitment to skilled migration is evident through the extension of both the SA Regional DAMA and Adelaide City DAMA until June 30, 2025. Additionally, the SA Regional DAMA has undergone significant expansion with the addition of 128 new occupations spanning various sectors such as construction, agribusiness, ICT, health, education, and renewable energy. The full list of occupations is available on the South Australia Skilled and Business Migration website.


Enhanced Nomination Ceiling:

Recognizing the demand for skilled workers, the SA Regional DAMA now offers a higher annual nomination ceiling, increased to 2000 nomination places annually from the previous 700. This expansion aims to accommodate more skilled migrants seeking employment opportunities in South Australia’s regional areas.


Retained Pathway to Permanent Residency:

Both DAMAs continue to provide a pathway to permanent residency for visa holders, ensuring long-term stability and encouraging ongoing contributions to South Australia’s economy and communities.


Concessions and Adjustments:

To facilitate migration and address demographic challenges, several concessions and adjustments have been introduced. These include retaining the age concession up to 55 years, a 10% reduction in the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), as well as concessions for English proficiency and work experience.


Occupational Changes:

While the DAMAs have expanded to include a broader range of occupations, certain roles have been removed. Notably, occupations such as Grape Grower (121215), Actors, Dancers, and other Entertainers (211999), and Dancer or Choreographer (211112) are no longer eligible under the DAMAs.


Further Information:

For detailed information on the SA Regional DAMA, including the updated occupation list and application process, individuals can visit the South Australia Skilled and Business Migration website. Additionally, registration is now open for the South Australia DAMA extension. For inquiries or assistance with navigating these updates and exploring migration options, individuals can reference our previous article on the South Australia DAMA extension.


As the DAMA landscape evolves, staying informed is vital. Employers and interested parties are advised to keep abreast of developments by consulting official resources and registering their interests. For personalized guidance on navigating these updates, contact our expert team at

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