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About us

Absolute Immigration has navigated the complex world of Visa applications for over twenty years. We have developed expertise in finding the right immigration pathway for individuals and organisations. We do it to change the lives or our clients and their people.

We believe that Australia and its businesses become the best they can by investing in their biggest asset: people.

Why Absolute?

At Absolute Immigration, we assiduously select the most experienced and best people in Immigration in Australia. Our agents and migration coordinators are diligent in keeping up to date on changes to immigration law, and we work creatively to design smart and appropriate immigration strategies for our clients.

Our values

Our mantra is “People. Not paper”. It lies at the heart of every engagement with every stakeholder. Our mandate is to get the best outcome for everyone we deal with. That means we work strategically, urgently, and cleverly.

With every immigration matter we deal with, we’re working to improve the life of the person seeking to come to Australia and improve the organisation they are working with. In so doing, we make Australia stronger, smarter and more complete.

For every one of our individual clients, business sponsor, agency partners, a supplier or a colleague – people come first.

Meet the AI family

We are a group of carefully selected and highly talented individuals from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. We call ourselves The AI Family because we share a common a vision, value and purpose: to work tirelessly, astutely and efficiently to deliver the best outcomes for the organisations and people we serve.

We want to change people’s lives and help make an impactful and profound difference.

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