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Enhancing Regional Workforce Capabilities with the Orana DAMA Initiative

Opportunities for Regional Employers Under Orana DAMA:

The Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) now covers additional Regional Development Australia regions, encompassing a total of 53 local government areas (LGAs). This expansion broadens the spectrum with 129 specific occupations that employers can leverage to effectively address regional skill shortages.


Understanding the Orana DAMA Process:

The RDA Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a five-year employer-sponsored visa program that allows local businesses to sponsor overseas workers in specified industries. This agreement is designed to address labour shortages in the Orana region by allowing more flexible criteria compared to standard immigration processes.

Employers interested in sponsoring workers under the Orana DAMA must apply for endorsement from the RDA Orana, detailing their inability to fill specific roles locally. The comprehensive process from endorsement to visa application is outlined on the Orana DAMA main page, which provides crucial information and guidelines RDA Orana DAMA Process.

Employer Eligibility and Regional Coverage:

To qualify under the Orana DAMA, employers must be actively operating within the designated areas. Here is a breakdown of the regions and corresponding local government areas (LGAs) included in the DAMA:


Local Government Areas (LGAs)


Dubbo Regional, Mid-Western Regional, Narromine, Gilgandra, and others

Central West

Bathurst, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, and others


Bland, Carrathool, Coolamon, Cootamundra-Gundagai, Griffith, and others


Albury, Balranald, Berrigan, Edward River, Federation, and others

Southern Inland

Wingecarribee, Goulburn-Mulwaree, Upper Lachlan, Hilltops, Yass Valley, and others

Further details about the regions can be found on the employer eligibility page.


Concessions Available Under the Orana DAMA:

The Orana DAMA offers targeted concessions to facilitate the recruitment of overseas workers, helping employers address regional skill shortages effectively. These concessions include:

  • Permanent Residence Pathway: Eligible for workers after three years under specific conditions.
  • Age Concession: Allows nomination of workers beyond typical age limits, up to 55 years for certain skill levels.
  • English Language Requirement Concession: Adjusted requirements allowing lower scores on English proficiency tests for some visa types.
  • Salary and Experience Concessions:Flexibility in the salary offered and experience required, ensuring candidates can meet role demands without strictly adhering to the visa standard 482 criteria.


Employers must apply for these concessions during the endorsement process, providing justification for each request. For more information and to apply for concessions, visit the Orana DAMA Concessions page. Access to concessions will depend on the occupation


The Orana DAMA is pivotal in enhancing the workforce capabilities of regional Australia by facilitating access to skilled overseas workers. For any questions regarding the recent updates or to seek assistance with any immigration matters, please reach out to our expert team at We are here to support you in navigating these opportunities to ensure the sustainable growth and development of your workforce.

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