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Annual federal courts and tribunals fee increases from 1 July 2024

Overview of the fee increases 

The Australian Government has announced the annual fee adjustments for federal courts and tribunals, which will take effect from 1 July 2024. These adjustments aim to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the judicial system, reflecting the annual review process.  


High Court of Australia fee increases 

From 1 July 2024, the High Court of Australia will implement the following fee structures: 

  • Filing fees: 
    • Publicly listed company: $18,345 
    • Corporation: $12,220 
    • Others: $4,050 
  • Application fees: 
    • Constitutional or another writ: $4,050 
    • Financial hardship: $1,350 
  • Hearing fees: 
    • Full Court hearing for companies: $24,890 
    • Full Court hearing for others: $6,810 


Federal Court of Australia fee increases 

The Federal Court of Australia will also see significant adjustments: 

  • Filing fees: 
    • Corporation: $4,930 
    • Others: $1,695 
  • Application fees: 
    • Special leave to appeal: $12,320 
    • Notice of appeal: $5,695 
  • Hearing fees: 
    • Setting down for hearing: $2,340 
    • Daily hearing fee: $3,295 


Administrative Appeals Tribunal fee increases 

From 1 July 2024, the application fees for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) will be as follows: 

  • Standard application fee: $1,121 
  • For a review of a migration decision under Part 5 of the Migration Act 1958: $3,496, up from $3,374. In cases where a 50% fee reduction is granted, the reduced fee will be $1,748. 
  • For review of a protection visa decision under Part 7 of the Migration Act 1958: $2,151, up from $2,076 (generally, this fee is payable only if the application is not successful) 


The AAT’s fee adjustments ensure it can continue to provide comprehensive review services for a wide range of cases, including those related to migration and protection visas. 


National Native Title Tribunal fee increases 

The National Native Title Tribunal will increase its application fee to $1,038. This tribunal plays a crucial role in resolving native title issues, and the fee adjustments are necessary for maintaining its operational capabilities. 


Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia fee increases 

Effective from 1 July 2024, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia will adjust its fees for filing an application regarding migration decisions: 

  • Full fee: $3,920, up from $3,785 
  • Reduced fee: $1,960, up from $1,890 


These changes are part of a broader effort to streamline the court’s processes and ensure adequate funding for its services. 


These fee increases will impact both corporate entities and individuals who engage with the  

Australian judicial system. Employers should be aware of the higher costs associated with filing and hearing fees in federal courts, which could affect legal budgeting and planning. Individuals, particularly those involved in migration and protection visa cases, should prepare for the adjusted application fees and potential impacts on their cases. 


For a detailed discussion of how these changes could impact you or your business, and to stay updated with the latest immigration policies, please contact our expert team at to arrange an online consultation. 


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